Reflexion & Under Armour Collaboration

Reflexion, the neuro-training company that “rewires” the mind to improve athletic performance, has partnered with Under Armour on a new free web-based app. “Train Your Mind” is designed to empower youth athletes to gain a competitive edge.
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“Our mission is to make neuro-training and assessment mainstream at all levels of athletics”
Matt Campagna
CEO and Founder of Reflexion
“This partnership with Under Armour is another massive step in that direction that will greatly accelerate the progress we’re making toward our goals”
Matt Campagna
CEO and Founder of Reflexion
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Complete four simple drills to test your neuro-performance.
Check out your Reflexion Score™ to see how you compare to other athletes.
Complete in-app and on-field drills that exercise and strengthen neuro-pathways to improve your performance,
Share your Reflexion Score to challenge your friends on social media.
how it works
Visual skills boost performance
The most elite athletes have higher levels of visual and cognitive (neuro) skills than those less adept in their sports.
These skills can be stengthened
Peer reviewed research has shown that the visual cognitive functions can be improved through training, just like any other set of muscles.
See the results on the field
These improvements in neuro-skills have been shown to translate directly to the field, making you a better athlete.
Target your training
Use Reflexion to focus on specific areas in your training. Our cloud software designed for sports makes neuro-training and assessment simple.
complete the drills and see where you stack up
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step up your training with Reflexion
Reflexion’s flagship Edge pairs with the Reflexion cloud service to offer professional class neuro-training in a portable form factor.
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The Flex provides an Edge-like neuro-training experience in a form factor that is designed for your home and doubles as a TV.
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