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Years of data collection from thousands of users have shown us that successful cognitive training requires commitment from the athlete and a coach with a plan. This led Reflexion's skilled team of engineers and scientists to build Virtual CoachTM. No matter your sport (or sports), schedule, or skill level, Reflexion’s Virtual Coach will optimize your cognitive training for peak performance.

who is Virtual CoachTM?

Virtual Coach is Reflexion’s proprietary algorithm. It uses years of data from thousands of athletes combined with insights from the world’s top athletic cognitive skills experts to deliver personalized 10 minute daily workouts each time you train. Every 2 weeks, Virtual Coach with assess your progress with Performance Rankings and will adjust your training along the way. Oh, and it talks!




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how does reflexion personalize my training?

When you join we start by learning your sport, position, and level of competition. Then we perform a cognitive performance assessment in virtual reality to dial in your unique starting position. Our proprietary Virtual Coach uses all of this data to formulate a cognitive workout plan optimized for you complete with daily and weekly goals.

which skills matter for my sport?

Reflexion trains and measures Eye-Hand Coordination, Simple Reaction Time, Inhibition, Mental Flexibility, and Anticipation. When you tell us your sport, position, and level, our Virtual Coach adjusts the focus given to each cognitive skill for you. Click below to see which cognitive skills matter most for you.


frequently asked
questions (FAQ)

Q: How often am I supposed to train?

A: I recommend that you train as many days per week as you train for your sport. When you join, Virtual Coach will ask you this question. If you're not sure where to start, I suggest 5 times per week.

Q: What if I play more than one sport?

A: Reflexion GO has you covered. Simply update your sport and position and Virtual Coach will dial in your training for the next season!

Q: Can I share my account?

A: Because Reflexion GO is personalized just for you, your account is not shareable. Choose our household or commercial plan if you would like to train multiple people with your account.

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Training with Reflexion is personalized. Every user must have an account.