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Matt Campagna / June 15, 2023

Unlocking Cognitive Performance: How NBA Players and Teams Utilize Neuro Training Tools


Neuro training has become an integral part of enhancing cognitive performance among certain NBA players and teams. As the game becomes more competitive, athletes are seeking innovative methods to gain an edge on the court. In this blog post, we will explore how renowned players such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Gordon Hayward utilize specific neuro training tools that focus on distinct and unique aspects of mental performance to elevate their skills. We will then contrast these various approaches to the 2023 NBA Champions, the Denver Nuggets’ team-wide implementation of Reflexion neuro training, ensuring peak cognitive performance and championship success.


  1. LeBron James and Calm Meditation App: LeBron James, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, harnesses the power of mindfulness through the Calm meditation app. Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, LeBron uses Calm to cultivate a focused and resilient mindset. By practicing meditation and embracing the calming techniques offered by the app, he finds clarity amidst pressure and strengthens his ability to perform during crucial moments on the court. This form of neuro training focuses on the psychological state of the player in order to optimize performance. 
  2. Gordon Hayward and VR: Gordon Hayward, an experienced player who has faced injury challenges in 2018, turned to a VR simulation product for rehabilitation and mental conditioning. Through virtual reality technology, Hayward immersed himself in realistic basketball scenarios, allowing him to visualize his actions and interactions with teammates on the court. This not only aided in physical recovery but also kept his mental state sharp and connected to the game, preventing his basketball IQ from fading during rehab. Hayward’s use of neuro training focused on situational training that emulated the scenarios he would see on the court.
  3. Stephen Curry and Strobe Glasses: Stephen Curry, known for his incredible shooting skills, incorporates strobe glasses into his training routine. These glasses disrupt vision by intermittently blocking the wearer’s sight in all or part of the field of view. By challenging his visual processing and reaction time, Curry’s brain adapts to make quicker decisions with limited visual input. This neuro training tool helps him elevate his performance by training his brain to process information more efficiently even when his vision is momentarily impaired.
  4. Denver Nuggets and Reflexion: The 2023 NBA Champion Denver Nuggets implemented team-wide neuro training in 2022. Led by their strength and conditioning coach, Felipe Eichenberger, the Nuggets prioritize neuro training using alongside physical conditioning in the weight room. Reflexion enables the team to train their brains to be sharper, more focused, and make split-second decisions during high-pressure game situations. This is accomplished by training reaction time, inhibition, prioritization, eye-hand coordination, and tracking with specific drills that improve those skills using Reflexion’s lightboard product, the Edge.

    Eichenberger emphasizes the importance of neuro training “the goal is to decrease the amount of turnovers that they have [and] to know where they have to be when they’re tired.” The Nuggets pair high-intensity exercises, such as sprints and on-court drills, with drills on the Edge to simulate the mental demands of the game just like switching from offense to defense.

    The Nuggets use Reflexion for neuro priming before each game.  They are able to select and customize drills that apply most to each player’s cognitive demands in order to get them in the zone before heading to the court. This holistic approach ensures that every player on the team reaches their peak cognitive performance, reducing turnovers, improving decision-making, and increasing overall team efficiency.




Neuro training has become a vital component of the NBA, empowering players to enhance their cognitive abilities and improve on-court performance. From LeBron James utilizing the Calm meditation app for mental clarity to Stephen Curry incorporating strobe glasses to sharpen his decision-making, and Gordon Hayward using virtual reality for rehabilitation and mental conditioning, these players exemplify the significance of cognitive training tools.

Moreover, the Denver Nuggets’ team-wide adoption of the neuro training with Reflexion showcases the team’s commitment to maximizing cognitive performance. By training their brains alongside physical conditioning, the Nuggets have elevated their gameplay, one of many factors leading to their stunning championship victory. As neuro training continues to revolutionize the NBA, we can expect more teams and players to embrace these innovative tools to gain a competitive edge and achieve greater success on the court.

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