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Nick Pappas / February 26, 2022

ISVA Conference

In mid-February the Reflexion team took a trip out to Orlando for the International Sports Vision Association’s annual conference. Even though we were a stone’s throw away from the big resort parks, it was all business for a company that deals with serious fun and games.

The conference venue was quite lively with different workshops focused on the specific vision training needs for different sports, followed by talks reviewing the vision training and concussion rehabilitation worlds. Leading scientists such as Dr. Greg Appelbaum of UCSD presented on the successes and failures of academic research so far, and how to ensure quality research in the future.

Our booth in the exhibitor hall saw overflowing traffic, with both attendees and fellow exhibitors stopping by to try to set and break records for different drills on the Edge. We had lots of interesting and enlightening conversations with clinicians, trainers, and all sorts of different professionals that visited us.Overall, it was a great time getting to hear from the minds of the leaders in the sports vision industry, meeting old customers face-to-face for the first time, making friends with new customers, and simply making new friends. We’re definitely looking forward to