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Reflexion trains your brain with personalized workouts that sharpen reaction time, eye-hand coordination, and anticipation — helping you win more, recover faster, and achieve remarkable athletic milestones.
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for home // in virtual reality
for home // in virtual reality
Reflexion GO is the ultimate personalized VR training tool for athletes looking to take their game to the next level.
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Edge is the best choice for businesses and elite individuals to train and assess visual cognitive performance like the pros.
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Neuro Training

Reflexion is a game-changing cognitive sports training service designed to improve performance in competition. Using a state-of-the-art touchscreen lightboard powered by cloud-based technology and data analytics, Reflexion accelerates and strengthens cognitive processes and skills such as peripheral vision, decision making, reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

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How Reflexion Works

Reflexion works by training visual and cognitive skills, such as peripheral vision and reaction time, that have been proven to set the best athletes apart from the rest.

Peer reviewed research has shown that high-performance vision training can improve on field performance by 10% in as little as six weeks.

one Cognitive Training Platform

Manage your athletes, assign cognitive training drills, and view results all from one place on your iOS device. Reflexion gives you the choice to automate or manage things yourself to suit your needs.

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reviews that speak

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Fun way to get an edge!

"The Reflexion Go app is a fun way to make vision training part of your weekly routine. I've been using it for a few weeks and have found it high quality, without glitches. The app trains reaction, coordination, processing speed, and more. It's challenging and adapts to your skill level. I'm excited to see if the training will translate to real-world improvements. I expect it will!"
Meta Quest User
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“Our mission is to make our athletes safer and improve their performance. The Reflexion Edge gives us the ability to do that. We couldn’t do what we do without it.”
Jim Leo
Owner PitFit Training
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“At 220 mph, when something happens ahead of you, you have to be prepared. That's exactly what Reflexion trains.”
Tony Kanaan
2013 Indy 500 Champion
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"Reflexes are important not only one time but throughout the duration of competition. I was a competitive judo player for many years, took a break and came back very recently and joined my first tournament last week. I’m more successful this last tournament in a higher weight class than I was at the lower weight classes when I was very active. My frequency of sport-specific training (judo classes) is lower , AND I’ve had less opportunity to spar each class. The only reason for my success? My training with Reflexion Go. And one of my losses was because my simple reaction time was not up to snuff. I’m excited to see how much more improvement I can get with continued Reflexion Go training."
Kevin Tse
Meta Quest User
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“There’s a lot of information processing going on at once, which is what makes Reflexion so valuable”
Dyana Bullinger
Human Performance Lab,
United States Air Force Academy
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“We can work on reaction time, peripheral vision, depth perception, all at one time, and all of those skills translate on the field.”
Dan Ownes
Asylum Sports Center Manager
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“Vision training with Reflexion has definitely helped our players substantially, from our youngest athletes all the way to the pros”
Eric San Pedro
Baseball Hitting Coach
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Simply Amazing

Anyone serious about cognitive development needs to have this groundbreaking tool. As a Certified Cognitive Practitioner Reflexion GO provides a great environment for cognitive development that delivers! Elite performers use GO!
Jeff Flaro
Certified Cognitive Practitioner
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So good!

"I have been completely amazed and challenged since I have been using Reflexion Go. I'm a semi retired athlete (softball player), so I was very intrigued and excited to give this app a try. My first hour using it completely exhausted me mentally and physically. I quickly realized how much this neuro training was needed for myself but also how fun it was! I can already tell I will be getting sharper, quicker and more athletic sharpening my training again. Not only will I be using this myself I will also be getting the athletes I train on it. Well done!"
Meta Quest User
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"Virtual Coach" GO has AI!

"Reflexion GO is fantastic! The GO app is so easy to use and put into play. I read that a virtual reality (VR) app was coming soon last summer, and it's finally here! It needs only a Meta Oculus (I bought an Oculus online), Wi-Fi, and a monthly GO account, and you're in business! In my opinion, the GO app in VR format will make a difference to athletes (elite and collegiate) and disabled individuals alike, who need to increase their reaction speed and hand-eye coordination. I like that "Virtual Coach" aspect; it's like an AI (artificial intelligence) environment---it's a differentiator from the rest. For example, the Virtual Coach will set the pace for you and receive feedback from the Virtual Coach. The Virtual Coach will adjust the pace just enough to challenge, not to frustrate you. I am disabled, and frequently, I play the GO app sitting down in a chair. It's given me back my sense of independence. I like how the GO app figures out new challenges for me and displays my "personal bests" in front and center. Thank you, Reflexion, for figuring out how sports training can be...enjoyable and right in the comfort of my living room!"
Brad Olson
Meta Quest User
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This app is on to something!

"I think this app has a lot of application beyond athletics. I am a 52 year old helicopter pilot trying apps that can help keep my brain and body as sharp and flexible as possible. I find Reflexion pretty interesting and it is the most challenging app I have run across for this kind of thing. I hope they can continue to add and improve it as they definitely seem to know their stuff. All the games have obvious benefits to coordination and timing. Some really bend your brain to THINK and act quickly. Players need to stick with the game and be consistent with their play. ESPECIALLY when they are tired. These kinds of improvements don't happen overnight, but that should be expected.I tried the new game, Portals, today for the first time. I really liked it. It is an interesting game that gets challenging very quickly! like how it kept getting faster and really put the screws to you at the end. I can see how you have to ramp up your focus and mental flexibility to stay with the game when it starts throwing multiple targets at you! I loved the 360 deg aspect. It forces you to drive your situational awareness up and keep your head on a swivel. Two thumbs up!"
Helicopter Pilot
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