the edge

fast, fun cognitive performance training and tracking


run drills between sets in the weight room


easily train athletes with fun games


move the edge for accurate, on-demand training


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reaction time

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peripheral vision

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hand-eye coordination

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pattern recognition

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decision making

The Edge features several distinct light pattern drills that measure specific cognitions to improve overall cognitive performance.

A complex version of whack-a-mole, touch the targets as quickly and accurately as possible, trying to hit the center white light.


The Edge weighs 35 lbs and can be folded to fit inside a travel case we provide. It attaches to a portable tripod or a custom wall mount and can be adjusted based on the user’s height.

tech specs


height: 21.5"
thickness: 1.5"
width (expanded): 69"
weight: 35lbs
width (collapsed): 12"
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- 6 capacitive touch screens

- 2,600 LEDs


- reaction time within 0.1 milliseconds

- accuracy within 0.1 millimeter

- average setup time 4 minutes


Learn about how the custom, iOS application can help you track and train athletes.

let’s talk about how you can use the edge