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Nick Pappas / October 14, 2022

Flex your MIND and your MUSCLES!

When you think about fitness, images of cardio and weightlifting exercises come to mind, but that’s only half of the picture. At Reflexion, true holistic fitness means training the mind with as much fervor and dedication as the body. That’s how you optimize yourself to achieve your full functioning potential. 

It just so happens that the brain is most primed for an effective workout when the body is under physical stress as well. That’s why in our latest YouTube video, Steven and Tyler break down exactly how the Edge can be incorporated into a workout – even with more than one person.

Neuro training is critically important for razor-sharp mental function. This is especially true for athletes. Sports demand fast, complex, and strategic decision-making, all while being subject to considerable physical stress. Think of a soccer player running down the field, analyzing defensemen, or a winded wide receiver needing to catch the ball. The EDGE can be an invaluable addition to any routine, optimizing the mind for reliable function during these high-stress moments.

Whether you play a sport or not, neuro training provides an outlet for the brain to improve upon its clarity and sharpness during times of elevated fatigue – something that’s hard to replicate in any other training setting. With a wide array of mind-flexing drills and challenges, it’s easy to create a protocol with the EDGE that compliments your physical workout. 

In a cardio context, you can allow your partner to complete the EDGE drills, while you get your heart pumping with workouts like box jumps, jump rope, lunge jumps, or sprints. Once the time is up, switch positions and experience the dizzying challenges of “Minefield” and “Waterfall” – two of the EDGE’s most challenging games. In the weight room? Incorporate the drills “Expanding Out” and “Pursue” for a super set like you’ve never experienced before. 

The long and short of it is: 

The EDGE provides a total training experience that pushes your brain and body to places no regular gym ever has. Check out our latest video to see it in action!